Friday, January 22, 2010

Mr.Hudson's Home

When I was at Dave's house tonight we got to talking about his party and at one point he looks at me dead serious and says 'Hey- why wasn't Chris Sellers here?' Right as I opened my mouth he remembered you were in NY now but for a moment it was like you never left and you just blew off his 40th. Wish that was the case.

These are photos from Dave's house. I'm a little obsessed with those home porn sites like Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge. The ones that feature beautiful homes photographed by professionals with fancy cameras. They call them house tours.

Well this is my drunken house tour of Dave Hudson's house, shot with my cell phone while holding a Tecate.

*Playboy Books from Chronicle. I give them to Dave when he does nice things for me, like takes me to the dump or Ikea for new house stuff
*I find it hard to believe that Dave labeled his lighter with his name, I wonder if this was a birthday present from someone
*He was very surprised that I did not recognize the man in the 'FBI Wanted' poster, apparently that's who shot Armani
*Dave said he's reading this book pictured to 'brush up on his serial killer knowledge

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Chris Sellers said...

there are just TOO many things i can say about this.